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I got a message on Okc from somebody across the country who asked me “can you tell me, why do women find two men having sex hot? What do they like about it?”

Well, here’s the answer.

1) Gay male porn is made for people who like looking at men. I’m a straight lady; I like dudes. This is a generous pile of dude. I like that.

2) Gay vanilla porn is much less likely to include the unfortunate power/gender implications that are fairly standard in straight vanilla porn.

3) Gay porn tends to feel more genuine. 80% of the fakeness of straight porn emanates from the women. Gay porn means less: fake moaning, fake sexyface, plastic body parts, Kryolan. (The dirtytalk still mostly sucks, but I usually turn off the sound, so.)

4) Look at their faces. You don’t get manface like that in straight porn, pretty much ever.

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